Pests & infestations

Insects, beetles, ants, and other creepy crawlies generally like to stay outside but might creep in to take advantage of food left in your home. Help protect your home from insect infestations by using appropriate insecticide thoroughly in areas of access and where they have been seen. Try to track back to their nest and block entrance to your home. 

Wasps & Bees

Wasps/bees are not considered a public health risk but can present a nuisance when a nest is found in or around your home or garden.

Wasps/bees like other insects are beneficial to the environment as they eat other insect pests. Unless the location of the nest is causing a problem to you or other members of the public treatment should be avoided.

The Association will not treat a wasp’s/bees nest unless it is within your home or directly affecting access to your home.

If you have a live wasp nest, Glasgow City Council will treat this for a fee. They will not move or treat bees.


Ants can be a real pest in Spring / Summer and hard to get rid of.  We remind tenants that we do not carry out treatments for garden ants.  Here is some information which may assist you to deal with the problem.

Although they live outdoors, they can find their way into homes in large numbers through small gaps in brickwork, at windows and doors in their search for food.  They search for sweet foods so your first control measure must be to ensure that you are not accidentally encouraging them - even a small spill of a soft drink would be a feast to a horde of ants.  

You should carry out treatment against ants yourself, and need to be thorough.  

  • Apply a residual insecticide for crawling insects. You will be able to buy these at many DIY supermarkets and garden centres.
  • Apply it to the entrance to the nest and wherever ants can enter your home.
  • Inside your house you should apply the insecticide around the sink unit, skirting boards, around doors and window frames.
  • You are trying to create a band of insecticide which ants must cross to get into your home.
  • To ensure you get rid of the problem you will need to find their nest. Follow any ant trails and look for small entrance holes in the ground surrounded by small piles of fine earth. Once you have found the nest follow the instructions that come with the pesticide about dealing with ants’ nests.

Please read the label and follow the instructions on the pesticide you chose.


If you spot rats, contact Glasgow City Council immediately on 0141 287 1059. Glasgow City Council will investigate and treat any mice or rat problems inside domestic properties free of charge.  Help protect your home from mice or rat infestations by:

  • Keeping foodstuffs in containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Keeping the inside of the house tidy.
  • Avoid feeding birds and wildlife in problem areas.
  • Putting outdoor rubbish bags in bins with closed lids.
  • Arrange bulk uplifts.