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Whether you’re a tenant or an owner, Tollcross Housing Association tries to make it as convenient as possible for you to make payments to your rent or factoring account.  Please use the link below to make a payment.

There are a number of ways to Pay Your Rent.
Please download our new tenant app. Use your phone to pay rent, report a repair, and much more. Depending on what device you have you have different options for how to obtain our app - please see them below and select the option that suits your device.
Android Phone Users - If you have an Android phone (whch is usually any phone that is not an Apple phone) then please select on the Google Play Button below to download the app to your phone. Google Play Store
Apple Phone Users - If you have an Apple phone then please go to the following link which will give you the Progressive Web App version of our APP. 
Please Note : You can also use this version on your Android device if you prefer, although we would generally recommend Android users use the Google Play Store version of our app.

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