How we are regulated

We are a registered Scottish Social Landlord, and as such, we regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR).  The Scottish Housing Regulator are an independent body, who monitor, assess and report on social landlords' housing performance, financial wellbeing and standards of governance.   They are here to protect you and your interests, in line with the Regulatory Framework and Housing (Scotland) Act 2010.

You can view our Landlord Performace page on the SHR website.  This page gives you details about our homes & rent, tenant statisfaction, and quality & maintenance of our homes.  It also provides you with useful documents relating to us as your landlord, such as our annual assurance statements, which shows how we are meeting the regulatory requirements. 

Sheltered Housing 

We are also registered with the Care Inspectorate for our Sheltered Housing service.  

The Care Inspectorate are an independant scrutiny organisation who inspects services and drives improvement (across the health and social care sector).  We are regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate and are committed to ensuring we continue to deliver a high quality service. 

Our employees who provide support at our Complexes are registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).  The SSSC provide a code of practice for all health and social care workers, the code sets out the behaviours and values expected of employees and employers.  The code lets you know what you can expect from the service and its workers.  

Every health and social care organisation must be open and honest with the people that use the service.  This includes letting them know when something goes wrong.  This requirement is called duty of candour.  We produce a yearly report on our duty of candour responsibilities, you can view this report here.