Our managment committee 

We are controlled by a voluntary management committee, which is elected by the members of the Association.  The Management Committee takes decisions on policy matters and has overall responsibility for the Association’s work and the implementation of the policies is delegated to the staff who are responsible for the day to day running of the Association. 

PIC - MC - Chris ElliotChris Elliot joined the Management Committee in September 2011.  Taking on Vice-Chair responsibilities in September 2020, and then stepping up to Chair in September 2023.  Chris has been a local resident for almost 38 years and understands the needs and challenges of the area.  He continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the Association and actively participates in our Events Focus Group as well as our Performance Improvement Network.  Through his work on the Management Committee and serving on both the Operations and Audit & Business Sub-Committees, Chris has been able to demonstrate his passion for his community and his enthusiasm is as refreshing as it is endearing.

Drew McPhail joined the Management Committee in 2021 and not only brings a wealth of financial management knowledge to our Management Committee but has almost 20-years’ experience with the housing association sector.   Graduating in Accountancy and Economics, Drew moved to a career in financial lending and has direct experience of lending in housing.  Building his experience with housing associations, Drew developed an in-depth knowledge of housing finance and related funding.   Drew was appointed to Vice Chairperson in September 2023, and brings his broad experience to help and support the Management Committee in achieving its aims and aspirations for the Association.  

PIC - MC - Esther SkiminsEsther Skimins has held the role of Secretary since September 2020, and has been a Committee member since September 2001.  In addition to her additional duties as Secretary, Esther plays an active role on the Operations Sub-Committee and Audit & Business Sub-Committee.  Esther has been a tenant of the Association for many years and not only has a great understanding of the area and stock, but she understands the community we operate.  Esther is friendly and approachable, always engaging with everyone she meets.  As a regular at many of the events organised by the Association, Esther loves the opportunity to catch up with local residents and to hear from them.  

PIC - MC - Andrea BellAndrea Bell joined the Committee in 2011 at the time of the successful stock transfer from GHA, after support the local housing association prior to transfer.  She took on the responsibility of Chairperson in September 2018, having previously held the position of Vice-Chair for a number of years.  Andrea stepped down as Chair in 2023 but remains a committed Management Committee Member.   Andrea brings a lot of experience to the Committee, from her long and established career in the NHS and she has since gained a great deal of skills and knowledge from her time on the Committee.  As a local resident, Andrea has a great deal of knowledge and insight in the community, and she feels she can make a difference to the tenants and our other customers.  She is extremely invested in Tollcross Housing Association and feels strongly that rents are spent appropriately for the upkeep of our existing stock, investment in new developments and overall assisting the local community.

PIC - MC - Bill DouganBill Dougan is a founding member of our Housing Association and over the last 40 years he has served the Committee with distinction.  He has been a past Chair and was awarded the title of Honorary President of the Association on our 40th Anniversary in 2014.  He has played an important part in what the Association has achieved since its inception and has seen the organisation grow to what we see today.  He has been a local resident of Tollcross for over 40 years and he initially joined the Committee in September 1972, with a view to improving the living conditions of the local residents in Tollcross.  Bill’s local knowledge of the area means he brings a great deal of experience to the Committee meetings which is vital at Tollcross Housing Association.

PIC - MC - Agnes PhillipsAgnes Phillips has been a local resident of the community for several years and initially joined the Management Committee in May 2008 to be involved in the local area.  However, this changed to being part of a team involved in making decision for the local area and making a difference to the community and its people.   With experience working with a local citizens advice bureau, Agnes has had first-hand experience supporting local people struggling with a variety of issues, including housing, and she brings this knowledge and experience to the Management Committee.  Agnes brings a lot of positivity to our meetings and is committed to the Association’s aims and objectives.

Gail Jackson is one of the newer members of the Management Committee, joining in September 2022.  However, Gail has been an active member of the local community for many years and volunteers with other local community partners.   As a tenant, Gail is committed to vision of the Association, ‘Local People, Local Control’, and contributes to this with her role on the Management Committee. 

Geraldine Connolly has worked in housing, for over 40-years and had gained both a Diploma and MSc in Housing during this time.    Geraldine has now retired from her career in housing but continues to contribute to the sector as a Committee member.  Joining the Management Committee in September 2016, Geraldine is committed to supporting and contributing to the provision of good quality housing and a high standard of service for tenants and other customers of the Association.

PIC - MC - Steve FlemingSteve Fleming joined the Committee in March 2014.  As well as serving on the Management Committee, Steve is a member of the Audit & Business Sub-Committee.  This links nicely with his financial expertise following a career in banking.  Steve’s experience within the committee has been both varied and interesting, a position which he’s sure will continue to be the case.

Ellen Garscadden is an Association tenant and has lived in the local area all her life.  She helped us get through the stock transfer from GHA.  Ellen joined the Management Committee in 2010 and serves on the Association’s Operations Sub-Committee and uses her local knowledge to help the Management Committee make what she believes are good choices for our residents.

Sharon May is an active volunteer in the local community and is never far away from events being run by the Association.  Family is at the heart of everything Sharon does and the commitment to ensuring the best for her family transferred to the work she does as a Committee member.   Joining the Management Committee in September 2021, Sharon continues to contribute to the local community and the work that we do. 

PIC - MC - Alice LynessAlice Lyness became an official Management Committee member in September 2023.  With over 25-years’ experience in the health and care sector, Alice brings new knowledge and insight to the Management Committee.    In addition to this, Alice has gained a wealth of knowledge and transferrable skills with her many years as a shop steward for her union, which she now brings to the Management Committee.  

PIC - MC - Eileen WattersEileen Watters has always contributed and engaged with the Association, and in February 2023 joined the Management Committee.    She has a clear commitment to the local area and has a real understanding of the community we operate.  Building on this, Eileen not only supports local activities and events, but she also helps organise them through her role on our Events Focus Group. 

PIC - MC - John McMorrowJohn McMorrow joined the Management Committee as a Co-optee.  He is a Chief Executive within the housing sector and has almost 40-years’ experience in housing and it is because of his experience that he was invited to support the Committee.    He has a substantial number of skills and expertise to assist and help local tenants and other customers at Tollcross Housing Association.  John is committed to helping the Association achieve our overall aims and objectives.

Jackie Jeffs is our newest member of the Management Committee, joining to fill a ‘casual vacancy’ in May 2024.  Jackie is a local tenant and like many of our existing Committee members is proud to have a track record in championing her local community for many years.  She has volunteered in a local nursing home and church and also serves on the local Community Council.  More recently, she joined the Association’s performance improvement network, which led her into the role of Management Committee member.