Get involved

We are committed to providing high quality homes and services.  To help us achieve this, we need our customers and stakeholders to get involved to influence and shape the future of the Association.  No matter how big or small your involvement is, it helps us continually improve our services for you. 

Management Committee

We are run by a voluntary Management Committee who drive the direction of the Association, in line with our vision of Local People, Local Control.

As the more structured way to contribute to the Association, Management Committee members attend regular meetings and events.   We understand that some people can sometimes feel a bit apprehensive about joining the Management Committee.  Don’t worry, we have an introduction programme designed to help guide new members through the process over a period of time.  And there is aways a fellow Management Committee member or member of the Corporate team, there to support.  Find out more about the role of the Management Committee here.

If you are interested in joining or just want to find out a bit more, please contact us at  

Performance Improvement Network & Loops

The Performance Improvement Network (PIN) is another exciting way to contribute to the Association.  The PIN meet regularly and can influence the direction of the Association by putting ideas and suggestions to the Management Committee for consideration.  

The PIN are supported by Performance Improvement Loops (PILs). PILs are volunteer-led groups, more focussed groups looking at specific service areas, looking how these can be improved and then making suggestions for change.  These are a less formal way to contribute to the performance of the Association.

Click here to find out more about the PIN and PILs, or email us at  

Events focus group 

Each year we have budget set aside for community events, to bring people together and have some fun.  Our events focus group is made up of local volunteers with an interest in community events and helping to make them a success. 

You can find out more about the events we have had here, or email us at to find out how to join.

Customer Feedback

The easiest way to get involved is to give us feedback.  Let us know how we are doing through our satisfaction surveys, consultation requests, and complaints and compliments.  


We have a consultation register, where we ask people to give us feedback on specific work we are doing.  We will ask throughout the year for feedback on various things and you can contribute as little or as much as you want.   Great for those who like to make a real impact but don’t have a lot of time to spare.  Keep your eyes pealed for updates in our newsletter and news pages for these opportunities. 

Association Membership

Members of the Association are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  This once-a-year meeting allows you to vote on decisions that drive the direction of the Association.  For only £1 you can make a real impact.  Click here for more information and application form. 

Community Volunteers

We also have a Community Volunteer Project based at our Advice & Learning Centre for those who wish to give back within the community.  Our volunteers are vital for the work that we do.  They allow us to provide a range of activities and services, directly in our community.    You can find out more about community volunteering by contacting the Centre at: 0141 764 1234 /