Home improvements 

You are required to seek permission for any alteration or improvement work you wish to carry out in your home or garden before the work takes place.  Home improvements are significant changes to your home and does not include general decoration.  We will confirm any decision regarding alternation or improvement work in writing.  

When considering a request for alternations or improvements, we will consider the following, this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Local authority planning and building consent 
  • Health and safety
  • Impact on neighbourhood and neighbours 
  • Ongoing maintenance matters

PIC - STOCK - house with red and beige bricks plus blue sky

PIC - STOCK - row of houses with red and beige bricks plus blue sky

Only once you receive written permission can you begin with the alteration or improvement work.  Any work carried out must be to an acceptable standard and legally compliant, we will carry out inspection on any works completed to ensure that this is achieved.  It may also be necessary to carry out an inspection of the proposed work before permission can be granted.  

Some common examples of alterations or improvements where permission is required includes:

  • Replacement doors
  • Installing wet wall and or ceramic wall tiles.
  • Laminated floors and or Ceramic floor tiles 
  • Replacement or additional kitchen units
  • Installation of fixed fireplaces
  • Shower installations
  • Garden sheds or garages
  • Electrical alterations of any kind including installing light fittings
  • Plasterwork, artex or tiling
  • Satellite dish installation
  • Driveways 

PIC - STOCK - row of red brick buildings with white flower at front

If you leave your home (and your tenancy comes to an end), you may be entitled to compensation for approved some home improvements (excluding general decoration).  To make a claim you must tell us (1) what improvements you have made, (2) how much each improvement costs with relevant evidence and (3) the date of the improvements.  

Claims must be made either 28 days prior to the end of tenancy or 21 days after the end of tenancy.  Compensation will not be payable for homes that have been repossessed.  

Further information about home improvements and compensation can be found in our Repairs and Maintenance Policy