Moving home

You might decide you want to move home for a variety of reasons.  To help make the process easier, we have two ways to help you move to another rented accommodation.


A transfer is where you complete an application to transfer from one of our properties to another. 

The transfer application will be accessed, and points awarded based criteria detailed in our Allocations Policy. 

It will include criteria such as:

  • overcrowding
  • under-occupation
  • medical matters
  • and/or support needs.  

Mutual exchange 

A mutual exchange is the swapping of home and tenancies between two parties. Tenants have the right to exchange their tenancy with the Association’s permission, as defined in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 and as detailed within the terms of their Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement.

Exchanges can occur between our tenancies or with another housing association or local authority.  Our Mutual Exchange Policy provides further information about the process and interested parties are advised to read this before making a request.  

How to apply

If you find an interested party willing to exchange, both parties need to complete and return a Mutual Exchange Application Form.  Application forms will be reviewed, and a decision will be communicated within 28-days of receipt of both applications.  

If you are interested in an exchange but have not found an interested party, you can sign up to our register of interest for mutual exchange.  This can be found here and you can speak to a member of the housing team to find out how to join this register.