Home faults

On occasion, you may have a home fault that does not require a repair.  Here are some of the common ones.

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No electricity

If the power has gone within your property, it is commonly a wider issue with the power supply to the building or street. 

Check with your neighbours and look at the streetlights.  If they don’t have power too, the issue is likely to be with the supplier.  

Contact your electricity supplier for more information or for emergencies call 0845 272 7999.

Sockets or lights not working

If you sockets or lights stop working, a common cause can be the distribution board tripping.  This is a safety feature and generally is caused by a fault at the individual appliance or light fitting.   

You can check your internal electrical set up safely by checking your distribution board to ensure all the switches are ON.  

If a switch is OFF and can’t be switched back ON, complete a systematic check of all lights and appliances to check which is causing the system to trip.

If an appliance is at fault, do not use again until it has been checked by a qualified electrician.   If the light fitting caused the system to trip, contact the repairs team. 

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No heating or hot water

No heating or hot water can sometimes be resolved by a simple reset of the system or checking that everything is set correctly.  Follow the steps below to do a quick and safe check:

  • Check if the system is receiving power (is there gas flow / does it have electricity). 
  • If you have a card meter, check that the meter reads ON. 
  • Check the timer / clock, is set to ON.
  • Check that the room thermostat is turned up.
  • Check the water pressure gauge (should be sitting between 1 and 2).
  • Reset your boiler (following the controls). 

If the above doesn’t work, contact the repairs team. 

If you request a repair and it turns out not be necessary (e.g. the fault sits with the appliance), you may be charged for the call out.