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Day to day repairs are those carried out on a responsive basis as the need arises and are categorised as:

  • Emergency               Made safe within 6 hours
  • Urgent                      Completed within 3 days
  • Normal                     Completed within 5 days
  • Right to Repair 1      Completed within 24 hours
  • Right to Repair 3      Completed within 3 working days
  • Right to Repair 7      Completed within 7 working days

Tenants and customers can report repairs as follows:

  • telephoning the office on 0141 763 1317 option 1
  • reporting at the office in person
  • writing to the Association
  • reporting by e-mail
  • reporting via the Association’s website
  • reporting at the Association’s sheltered housing support staff or Advice Centre staff
  • reporting to Association staff while on site
  • out of hours by calling 0141 763 1317 or 0345 604 4686

Landlord & Tenant Responsibilities

Section 5 of the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement sets out in detail both the landlord and tenant repairs and maintenance rights and responsibilities. If in doubt tenants should refer to their tenancy agreement in the first instance.

Right To Repair

Scottish Secure Tenants are entitled to have certain qualifying repairs carried out to the property of which they are the tenant. Qualifying repairs are those which are considered to be of particular concern to tenants and likely to cause distress if they are not done quickly.

The Right to Repair scheme provides tenants with the right to instruct urgent repairs if the Association has failed to carry out the repair within a specified period. Small repairs are covered, each costing up to a maximum of £350 which, if not completed within a reasonable time, may jeopardise the health, safety or security of the tenant, the public or the property.

The Association will notify tenants of the type of repair and the timescale (working days) within which the repair requires to be completed when an order is raised. Guidance on the legislation and a full list of repair categories is available at the Association’s offices or can be obtained by phoning 0141 763 1317.

The landlord may consider that the repair requires to be pre-inspected to ascertain if the repair is a qualifying one.

Right to Repair information is available in the Association’s offices and on the Scottish Government’s website.

Gas Service and Maintenance

In accordance with legislation the Association is required to inspect all gas appliances within its properties within a 12 month period, which includes all gas heating systems or properties with a gas supply.

Due to the serious nature of gas safety, where a tenant fail to provide access to allow the gas safety inspection to take place the Association will instigate a process leading to forcing access to undertake the servicing work. Should the Association require to take such action, the tenant will be charged all costs associated with the forced access.

Our gas contractor is City Technical

You will receive notice of your gas service date 2 months before the anniversary date. Should this date not be suitable please phone City Technical on 0844 579 6493 or the Association to arrange a time that is suitable.

Cyclical Works

These are tasks that are undertaken to the housing stock on a pre-programmed basis, to ensure the proper operation of a component or installation.

 The work types and programmed cycles are:-

  • Lift Inspections (Sheltered Housing only) Monthly
  • Gas Safety Inspections Annually
  • Extract fan maintenance Annually
  • Roof Anchors Annually (specialist)
  • Portable Appliance Testing Every 2 years
  • Electrical testing and repair Five yearly
  • Gutter Cleaning Two yearly
  • Pre paint repairs and wall/wood painting Five yearly

Major Works (Investment / Planned Maintenance)

The Association commissioned a stock condition survey to determine when all components (kitchens, roofs, windows etc) in the housing stock are due for replacement. This information drives the works in our investment programme, with the necessary expenditure for these works allowed for in the budget submission approved annually by the Management Committee.

To discuss when component replacement is due at your home please contact Investment staff at 868 Tollcross Road, Glasgow, G32 8PF or phone 0141 763 1317 and press option 5.

Examples of life expectancy of each component:

  • Kitchen 15 years
  • Bathroom 25 years
  • Central heating system 15 years
  • Re-wire 25 years

Landscape Maintenance

Our Contractor, Nurture Landscapes are responsible for grass cutting and shrub bed maintenance to tenement properties owned and factored by the Association and also open spaces owned by the Association. The grass cutting season starts March/April and runs through to October/November weather dependant. In the winter they will carry out leaf collection, treat moss and winter pruning.

Nurture Landscapes also move bulk from the back court areas to the approved uplift site for the weekly GCC bulk collection and will also clean the bin store area fortnightly. Note: they will not remove any builders rubble or household fittings such as kitchen units, baths and doors.

Medical Adaptations

Adaptation works are undertaken with the aim of enabling tenants to remain living in their current home. Work is undertaken subject to receipt of a CL1 referral form from Social Work Occupational Therapists who have assessed the needs of the individual. Where the requests is deemed to be excessive or outwith the scope of activities undertaken by the Association then consideration may be given in particular circumstance to rehousing the tenant in more suitable accommodation.

Adaption work we have carried out include internal and external handrails, level access showers and wet rooms.

The Association will bid for the estimated amount required for adaptations each financial year through the Strategy and Development Funding Plan. The Scottish Government will announce the level of adaptation funding which will be allocated to the Association for the year.  Once this funding has been used and drawn down, further discussions will take place with the Government regarding further funding allocations.  This can differ on a year-to-year basis.

If you would benefit from an adaption you can self refer to occupational therapy by calling social work on 0141 287 0555.

Alterations and Improvements

Tenants require permission from the Association to carry out alteration work to their home or garden e.g. replacement bathroom suite, kitchen, replacing internal doors and installing sheds etc

Permission must be granted in writing, by the Association before work can commence which will not be unreasonably withheld.  It may be necessary to carry out an inspection of the proposed alteration before permission can be granted.

Certain types of improvements may qualify for compensation when the tenancy is being terminated. Information on the Right to Compensation for Improvement scheme is available in the Association’s office or on request by phoning 0141 763 1317 option 1.

Insurance Claims

The Association has a comprehensive building insurance policy covering a number of risks involving properties owned and factored by the Association.  Generally the Association is insured against damage from explosion, storm, flood, burst pipes, lightening, malicious damage, full impact, theft, subsidence, falling trees and 3rd party liability. There is an excess of £100.00 for each claim with the exception of subsidence where there is an excess of £1,000.00. 

Owners living in tenemental properties are required to take the block buildings insurance policy as part of their factoring agreement.  For more information please refer to the Owners Handbook.

If an owner requires to make a claim on the insurance policy they should contact the Association’s Insurance broker AJ Gallagher directly on 01245 341218. 

All tenants and owners are requested to note that they require to have their own house contents insurance as the Association’s policy does not cover personal belongings such as furniture, carpets, electrical goods, decoration etc.

Rechargeable Repairs (Tenant to be billed)

The Association is responsible for carrying out repairs to the building fabric and fixture and fittings deemed to be damaged through fair wear and tear. Any damage caused by vandalism or neglect whether accidental or deliberate will be deemed to be a tenant responsibility as defined in the tenancy agreement. The tenant's will be wholly responsible for the cost of these works and will be re-charged in full should the Association be required to carry out the repair.

Condensation advice

Condensation occurs when warm air collides with cold surfaces, or when there is too much humidity in your home. This will be especially common in winter, when your central heating is on in the cooler hours of the mornings and evenings.

As well as central heating, everyday activities like cooking, showering, and drying clothes can release warm moisture into the air inside your home. When this moisture-packed warm air comes into contact with a chilly surface, it cools down quickly and releases the water, which turns into liquid droplets on the cold surface.

Download our leaflet for more information and tips on how to manage condensation in your home.

Repairs advice

No heating and hot water?

  • Check credit in gas and electric meters
  • Check pressure in boiler
  • Thermostat should be set to 21c
  • Check time clock is switched on
  • Check boiler is switched on
  • Check fuse box, nothing has tripped

Loss of TV signal?

  • Check leads are attached to outlet and equipment
  • Re-tune equipment
  • Do neighbours have a similar problem. If you share a communal TV aerial and the problem is isolated to your flat it could be your equipment.
  • If our contractor attends and finds your equipment is at fault you will be charged for the contractors time.

Maintenance Policy Documents

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