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Launch of Model Complaints Handling Procedure

Date: 31 March 2021 to 31 March 2022

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Tollcross Housing Association Launches Revisied Model Complaints Handling Procedure

Following notification from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) about the revised Model Complaints Handling Procedure (MCHP), Tollcross Housing Association are pleased to launch their revised procedure. Management Committee have considered and approved the MCHP and the Unacceptable Actions Policy that sits alongside the procedure.

The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act 2002 (as amended) provides the legislative basis for the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to publish the MCHP for bodies under the SPSO’s jurisdiction. The Association falls within this category.

The MCHP for RSLs was first developed by SPSO in partnership with the housing sector, guided by a steering group of key housing stakeholders and an advisory panel of housing association representatives.

The SPSO has reviewed this MCHP following extensive consultation with the RSL sector and the revised procedure is due to be implemented by all RSLs by 1st April 2021. The purpose of the MCHP is to provide a standarised approach and consistent process to deal with customer complaints across the housing sector in Scotland.

We have designed a ‘customer-facing’ summary of the complaint handling procedure that we shall make available to our customers.

Customers can view this short 10-minute video prepared by the SPSO, which outlines an overview of the changes to the revised MCHP. How we offer support and guidance | SPSO

The video noted above confirms that the fundamentals of the MCHP have not changed (i.e. it remains a 2 stage process, with Stage 1 complaints being handled within 5 working days and Stage 2 complaints being handled within 20 working days), and below is a brief outline of the main changes/increase in emphasis:

• Renewed focus on early resolution to complaints. New third option of ‘resolved’ added to current options of ‘upheld’ and ‘not upheld’. “A complaint is resolved when both the Association and the customer agree what action (if any) will be taken to provide full and final resolution for the customer, without making a decision about whether the complaint is upheld or not upheld.
• More emphasis on encouraging RSLs to make best use of lessons from complaints.
• More information about complaints made via social media. The Association does not control any social media platforms.
• More emphasis on agreeing the nature of the complaint with the customer and what their expectation of remedy is, at Stage 2.
• Expectation to commit to identifying vulnerable customers and helping them identify when they might wish to make a complaint.
• Clear distinction between complaints being received from Councillors and enquiries on behalf of constituents.
• Factoring complainants are now to be signposted to SPSO as well as First Tier Tribunal after completing stage 2 investigation.

Unacceptable Actions Policy

The Unacceptable Actions Policy supports the MCHP and sets out the Association’s approach to the relatively few customers whose actions or behaviour we consider unacceptable.

Complaints may be made verbally or in writing, including face-to-face, by phone, letter, or email and you can use our on-line make a complaint tab.

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