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Data Protection Policy for Consultation

Date: 28 November 2018 to 11 December 2018

About this Event

The Association’s Management Committee are pleased to be presenting our revised Data Protection Policy. This policy outlines our commitment to complying with our data protection obligations, and to being concise, clear and transparent about how we obtain and use personal information and how (and when) we delete that information once it is no longer required.

This Data Protection Policy sets out how we comply with our data protection obligations and seek to protect personal information that we process as part of our activities and functions as a registered social landlord in Scotland, regardless of the medium on which that personal information is stored. The purpose of the Policy is also to ensure that staff understand and comply with the rules governing the collection, use and deletion of personal information to which they may have access during their work with us.

We are keen to hear your views. This Policy will be available for consultation until Monday, 10th December 2018.

In addition to seeking the views of our customers direct, we have sought the assistance of our scrutiny group, the Performance Improvement Network to go over this policy to make sure we’ve made it easy to read and that it outlines what we will do in order to meet our commitment to equality.

We would be pleased to hear your thoughts on this policy. You can e-mail us at, you can come in and speak to a member of staff, put your comments in writing or telephone us on 0141 763 1317.

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